Eric Keeney

Acoustic Guitarist - Singer/Songwriter

STL Fringe Fest '23 - Musical Performer of the Year

BIO: With roots going back to Bourbon, MO, Eric Keeney is an authentic storyteller who breathes life into his acoustic guitar, weaving tales that resonate with the soul. As a singer/songwriter, he uses his finger-picking guitar style to carve a unique path in the world of acoustic folk, alt-country, and americana music. His music serves as a reminder that even the simplest notes can resonate deeply with the human experience.

My Act: Solo Performer.  Original Music.  1-2 Hour sets.  I bring acoustic amp supporting vocal and the instrument, all gear needed.  Will use house PA for vocal if preferred.

Sample Set List for 1-Hour Show:  Breathe, Swindle, Anthonie's Mill, Seen, Two Men, Gravestone, South Carolina Girl, Broken Land, Public Man, Head, Home, River

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